Artist Bio

            While never having a particular theme, Evan Floyd is better known for his craftsmanship in his artwork.  His focus has always been the techniques used in the various fields of metalworking, and continues to pursue honing his skills in the medium. Whether it be creating vessels or jewelry from copper and brass in metalsmithing, or forging steel into tools or furniture through blacksmithing, Floyd’s goal has been the method towards the end piece.  He still seeks to learn more about his craft. Floyd completed a BFA in metals from TN Tech University at its satellite campus, the Appalachian Center for Craft which is in Smithville, TN.

Artist Statement

            My enjoyment of building and creating lead me towards the path of a craftsman.  While my personal interests have influence on my artwork, I make what is called for by the situation.  Whether through metalsmithing, blacksmithing, or jewelry, the end pieces of my artwork are not based on a specific theme.  Rather, my goal for each piece is refining my craftsmanship with the materials. My focus has been the method of constructing and combining various components with the most capable level of craftsmanship that I can produce.  I have no expectations from the viewers, rather, I allow you, the viewer to form your own thoughts and interpretations about each piece that I create.  Being able to work the materials, developing my skills, and learning techniques have always been my focus.  Personal experience has taught me that you never know what life has in store for you.  A person could work towards a specific career, but reality can result in something quite different.  I seek to hone my skills in metalworking so that I can apply them to various fields of work.  Ultimately, I plan to be flexible, able to adapt to whatever the situation requires through my proficiency of working with metal.